Autumn and Winter 2016 will be marked by elegance, which appears even more pronounced in Piccadilly's collection. The brand draws inspiration from three key macro-trends: Urban Activism, Cheeky Elegance, and Wild Paradise, which appear in the lines of the collection.

Urban activism presents a strong presence of new patterns, glazes, prints, original designs, and indigo hues; cheeky elegance is conveyed through luxury craftsmanship and the atmosphere of ostentation, presented in the brocade, the pastel hues, and the embroidery with sequins; and wild paradise is revealed in the natural textures, in materials with thick volumes and heels, and in the earthy hues and the contrast between the elements of water and earth, in nuances of blues, greens, and grays. 

From these trends emerges a powerful, audacious collection that shows a season with a lot of glamor.

Brown tweed throws some scholastic sophistication. Another old favorite is back this fall to update your wardrobe, Tweed!

Tweed is not just for coats, this great fall into winter fabric is fab in a dress too. Go Tweed!

Lisa Potter, deputy editor of Femail Fashion Finder said: 'No longer the style choice of upper middle classes ladies who lunch and men who go hunting, tweed has made a fashionable comeback thanks to designers like Prada, Ralph Lauren and of course Chanel.'

'Karl Lagerfeld's Pre-Fall and autumn/winter 13 collections for the iconic label were full of the classic fabric reworked into sharp little jackets and skirts, and his spring/summer 14 show this morning was a rainbow explosion of bubblegum pinks and fluorescent yellows, proving that the tweed trend is very much a modern affair.

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When was the moment you felt more free, light and beautiful?

Sometimes all you need is love <3. We will talk here not about physical fitness (which is important too) but about about inner strength and better ways to train your soul by loving deeply, letting go of negative energy and embracing a grateful positive attitude!  In life it is normal to have ups and downs. Everyone has it and I am sure there are many women out there who know what I am talking about. There are times when everything flows and you feel great, but also everyone has those days when you seem to have an anchor tied to your ankle which is dragging you down. It’s natural to feel sadness. It is important to recognize these moments and not allow them to affect your self-esteem. In fact, we can learn from our experiences, the good and the bad, no time is wasted. Through this tough experiences you can gain access to a whole new variety of emotions previously undiscovered. No matter the circumstances, if you can work through your sadness you can open the door to healing, growth and knowledge. To keep up with it, we bring some valuable tips for you: 

  • Feel free to be who you want to be.


The freedom to be and do what you believe is best for you is invaluable. Want to cut your hair very short? Or leave very curly and loose? Always dreamed of being a redheaded? Bet on what makes your heart beat faster. And we're not just talking about appearance.

  • Face life and the challenges with calmness.


Being calm and don’t overthink too much will give you clarity to solve problems, and especially to realize that many of them are not really problems, but fears that our insecurities just keep around. Find peace in a present moment.

  •  You already naturally beautiful. Embrace your beauty!

When you see a field of flowers, you love to discover all shapes and colors that nature offers us. It does not have to be different with the human being. We, women, are all naturally beautiful.





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The Comfort Experience has proven that, even comparing identical twins, people found more beautiful the women who wore comfortable shoes. A woman who wears shoes by Piccadilly, the brand that has 4 unique technologies and more than 20 comfort differentiators, will feel less tired, more relaxed and look better than if she were using common shoes. This wellbeing can positively influence her posture, her harmony and her mood, helping the person feel more beautiful. In addition, all Piccadilly models follow the main trends in international fashion, which helps to enhance women's style and beauty.
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A Flight Attendant best shoes for travel

Piccadilly have understood working women from its early beginnings, which is why we have developed so many household technologies that amalgamate into one great shoe. Incorporating our fantastic four; silent heel, super mould, dry system, and maxi therapy technology make for a perfect mix. While these shoes are specially designed for cabin crew, Piccadilly have made this diverse line fit for any professional need. So, if you are always on the go and up on your feet, this line is the right one for you. 
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Piccadilly comfortable shoes for women!

Piccadilly Women’s Shoes has a strong business model. Our belief is tradition and innovation designing comfortable shoes for women. The brand of 59 years has been a world success, renewing itself each season, offering supreme quality.

Rich history, 8 production plants beginning in the South of Brazil and approximately 4000 employees.

Piccadilly constantly invests in new technologies and new materials to develop comfortable footwear that also aligns with international fashion trends.

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